Supercharger Coupler

This is the most common part to fail on any M45, M62, M90, and M112 Eaton supercharger. The pins that couple the snout to the rotors tend to egg out the holes on the stock coupler. This upgraded coupler is made of a special oil impregnated nylon for long life and excellent chemical resistance. Also has the correct raised bosses for proper spacing.


#SCCOUPLER . . . . $29.95


Snout Seals

Replace your leaking snout seal with a brand new Nitrile standard seal (-N) or a high performance Viton seal (-V). While Nitrile will work just fine, the Viton is more resistant to abrasion and high temperatures as well as less drag. Less drag means less friction and that means less resistance to turn the shaft. Works on all Eaton M62, M90, and M112 snouts.

#SNOUTSEAL-N . . . . $6.95

#SNOUTSEAL-V . . . $12.95

GM Supercharger Oil

Genuine GM supercharger oil is included in all our snout rebuild kits. If you need more or want to have some extra we sell individual bottles also.

GMSCOIL . . . . $8.95

Rotor Bearing Grease

This is the exact same OEM grease found in the rear needle rotor bearings. We supply enough to regrease at least 2 sets of bearings in a syringe type applicator.

RTRGREASE . . . . $15.00

Gasket Sealant

Permatex #51817 Anaerobic Gasket Maker is OEM specified. Noncorrosive gasketing material designed primarily for use on aluminum, iron, and steel flanged mating surfaces. Cures to a solvent-resistant seal that will not tear or decay during service. Included in all of our snout rebuild kits but you can also buy extra seperately.

#PERM51817 . . . . $4.95



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