Rotor Bearing Replacement


The rotor bearings are located iat the back of the inside part of the supercharger housing. In order to remove them, you must remove the snout then slide the rotors out of the housing. Once the rotors are removed, you can see the 2 needle bearings in the back of the housing.

In order to get the bearings out, you must first fabricate a special "tool". You will need a 5/16-18 thread bolt about 2" long and a standard 1/4 thread grease fitting. Drill a small hole (1/8" diameter will work) in the center all the way through the bolt. Then take a 1/4" tap and tap the head so it will accept the grease fitting and install the fitting into the bolt.

Now flip the supercharger housing over and you will see 2 holes in the bottom of the housing. These need to be tapped if they are not already. Now screw your bolt into the hole and begin pumping with grease. The pressure from the grease will pop the old bearings out within a few pumps of the grease gun.

Simply clean out the grease and install your new bearings. The new bearings come factory greased with a special lubricant so don't worry about greasing them. To order your set of rotor bearings, just click here.



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